ONF Approved SDN Training

SDN & OpenFlow® Training and
Exam Providers

The ONF-Approved SDN Training Partner program seeks to establish a global network of SDN Training and Certification providers who deliver SDN training that maps to the certification blueprints for the OCSP program. The training partners will leverage ONF Approved SDN Courseware for delivery of training courses and work with accredited trainers to deliver classroom and/or virtual training courses.

IIf you wish to be an exam provider or an authorized training partner, please email us at SDNskills@opennetworking.org.

Individuals wanting to take a private exam will contract with an exam provider. Please contact a training partner below. This list will be updated as additional partners join the program. Note: links are to sites outside of ONF’s website. 

Additional information (including pricing) can be found in our FAQ located here: https://www.opennetworking.org/sdn-skills-certification-faqs

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Authorized Training Partners
Companies providing Training and Testing:


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