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The ONF Marketplace highlights products and services that demonstrate different levels of compatibility with ONF software platforms. Network operators and system integrators are encouraged to use this Marketplace as a reference to simplify the selection of solutions that can be successfully used to build networks using ONF platforms.

To request details on how to participate in the ONF Marketplace, please send your inquiry to info@opennetworking.org

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Vendor tests and documents how product works with ONF project, or how vendor’s services build upon to ONF projects.
ONF-recognized third party validates vendor test plan or service offering that was previously approved as “Vendor Assessed”.
Highest level of recommendation. Exclusively for products integrated in the ONF’s Continuous Certification Program (CI/CD/CC pipeline) that are tested nightly against project releases.

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ONF Continuously Certified

Moso Canopy 5G indoor Small Cell

Category: Small Cell

Overview: MosoLabs Canopy Indoor 5G Sub-6GHz radios are designed to improve coverage and capacity, enabling you to build a secure and resilient private network.
ONF Continuously Certified

Radisys – RLT-1600X

Category: OLT

Overview: The Radisys RLT-1600X Any-PON (GPON or XGS-PON) White box OLT offers 16 Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP+) Any-PON interfaces in 1RU height and is based on…
ONF Continuously Certified

Radisys – RLT-3200G

Category: OLT

Overview: The Radisys RLT-3200G, 32 port G-PON Whitebox OLT built with Broadcom merchant silicon, Intel Atom C3708 CPU and based on ONF’s VOLTHA/SEBA reference architecture. The architecture…
ONF Continuously Certified

Sercomm – FG1000 GPON ONU


Overview: A smart GPON SFU is designed with a petite size (80*80*23.5mm) for service providers and consumers, and is built to meet high speed broadband demand…
ONF Continuously Certified

Sercomm – SCE4255W-BCs-A5

Category: Small Cell

Overview: The Indoor 4G/LTE CBRS Small Cell is self-configuring with no software installation required. when powered on, the device automatically scans and searches for a valid…
10 - 15 of 27 results