May 24, 2022 to May 26, 2022 | Virtual Event

Welcome to the P4 2022 Workshop

The P4 2022 Workshop will be an exciting and informative virtual event. It is intended to incorporate insights and perspectives from P4 community members around the world and encompass topics related to:

  • P4 language
  • P4 compile targets
  • P4 tool chain
  • P4 use cases & apps
  • Control plane or network OS for P4 targets

This event is an opportunity for the P4 ecosystem to share knowledge and experiences with the broader community. It includes live keynotes May 24-26, as well as on-demand talks, demos and tutorials. There is no fee for participants. Recordings from live keynotes will be posted after the sessions along with all on-demand presentations.

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Committee Members

General Chair – Bruce Davie

Program Chair – JK Lee

Program Committee Members:
– Jeremias Blendin, Intel
– Mihai Budiu, VMware
– Thomas Calvert, AMD/Xilinx
– Charles Chan, Intel (former ONF)
– Xin Jin, Peking University
– Daehyeok Kim, Microsoft
– Alan Lo, Nvidia
– Fernando Ramos, IST, University of Lisbon
– Chris Sommers, Keysight
– Robert Soule, Yale University

Live Keynotes - May 24th (8am PT / 11am ET/ 4pm BST / 11pm CST)
Andy Fingerhut
Principal Engineer
Kenneth Duda
Founder, CTO & SVP Software Engineering
Arista Networks
Panel - IPU/DPU
Brad Burres
Matty Kadosh
Principle Architect
Krishna Doddapaneni
Co-founder, VP Software Engineering
Gordon Brebner
Senior Fellow
Live Keynotes - May 25th (8am PT / 11am ET/ 4pm BST / 11pm CST)
Ben Pfaff
Principal Researcher
Gordon Brebner
Senior Fellow
Nick McKeown / Sachin Katti
SVP & GM and Senior Fellow / CTO
Intel - Network & Edge Group
Live Keynotes - May 26th (8am PT / 11am ET/ 4pm BST / 11pm CST)
Dennis Cai
Head of Network Infrastructure
Xin Liu
Principal Product Manager
Recorded Talks
Invited Talks
Hari Thantry
Milind Chabbi / Alan Lo
In-Depth Talks
Bhagat Janarthanan
Software Engineer Lead
Srikishen Pondicherry
Software Engineer
Gonçalo Matos
João Romeiras Amado
PhD Student
Rafael S. Guimaraes
Associate Profesor
Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo
Anjali Singhai Jain / Hari Thantry / Venkata Suresh Kumar
Intel / Google / Intel
Bert Klaps / Miroslaw Walukiewicz
Sr Systems Engineer / Principal Engineer
Cristian Dumitrescu
Software Architect for Packet Processing
Fabian Ruffy
Intern & PhD Student
Intel, NYU
James Choi
Cloud Software Architect
JK Lee / Mukesh Hira
Sr Principal Engineer / Principal Engineer
Intel / VMware
Namrata Limaye / Brian O'Connor / Ajay Kumar Dubey
Petr Kastovsky / Georgios Nikolaidis
Product Marketing / Software Architect
Reshma Sudarshan / Chris Sommers
Director Applications Engineering / Sr SW Architect
Intel / Keysight Technologies
Sayan Bandyopadhyay / James Choi
Cloud Software Developer / Cloud Software Architect
Venkat Pullela
Chief of Technology, Networking
Jamal Hadi Salim
Mojatatu Networks
Raghava Sivaramu
Sameer Kittur
Distinguished Engineer
Jingqi Huang / Jiayi Meng
PhD Student / PhD Candidate
Purdue University
Satoru Matsushima
Technical Meister
Yong Feng / Dr. Haoyu Song
PhD Student / Researcher
Tsinghua University / Futurwei Technologies
Daniel Seara / Bernardo Conde
MSc Student / Master Student
IST, University of Lisbon
Korakit Seemakhupt
Graduate Student
University of Virginia
Debnil Sur
Senior Software Engineer
Tech Briefs
Parisa Ataei
Post doctorate scholar
Cornell University
Csaba Györgyi / Sándor Laki
PhD Student / Assistant Professor
ELTE Eötvös Loránd University
Kaarthik Annamalai Alagappan
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Central Florida
Ben Pfaff
Weiqiang Cheng / Jiang Liu
Principle Architect of IP Network / Professor
China Mobile / Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Ahmed Abdelsalam
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems
Nupur Uttarwar / Sandeep Nagapattinam
Cloud Software Engineers
Pratap Pellakuru / Sharmila S.
Development Tools Software Architect / Cloud Software Development Engineer
Simon Wass / Miao Mao
Cloud Software Engineer / Staff Software Engineer
Intel / Baidu
Niloofar Toorchi / Daniele Moro
Member of Technical Staff / Cloud Software Development Engineer
ONF / Intel
Fabricio Rodriguez
PhD Student
Carmelo Cascone / Charles Chan
Cloud Software Development Engineer / Cloud Software Development Engineer
Deb Chatterjee
Senior Director, Engineering
Tomasz Osiński / Mateusz Kossakowski / Jan Palimaka
Cloud Software Development Engineer / R&D Expert / Chief R&D Specialist
Intel / Orange Labs Poland
Judy Snow
Technical Writer
A Message from Our Sponsors

By transforming networks, building out the edge, and enabling tomorrow’s AI and edge networking, Intel is delivering on the possibilities of 5G with cloud-native technologies to profoundly transform industries, enhance business operations, and delight our customers. With the most complete set of network technology solutions for the industry to build upon and a proven ecosystem of 400+ network software and solution providers, Intel is enabling the full potential of 5G, edge, data centers and AI.  To learn more about Intel’s innovations, go to and

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Alibaba Cloud is one of the leading cloud providers in the world. It’s the proven leader in cloud technology and the digital economy. Alibaba Cloud is committed to providing cutting edge services with continuous technical innovations. Alibaba cloud network infrastructure team is one of the pioneers who are using programmable network technologies to provide predictable, reliable and cost-effective network services. It is the first who deployed P4-capable switches in large scale for both central and edge clouds to achieve superb performance and cost efficiency. It builds networks with application-network co-design and optimization that can achieve differentiated and predictable end-to-end networking services. Alibaba cloud is also a driver of the fundamental technical developments in the areas of network verifications and network programmability.