Oğuz Sunay, ONF

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Aether is the first open source 5G Connected Edge platform for
enabling enterprise digital transformation. It provides mobile
connectivity and edge cloud services for distributed enterprise
networks as a cloud managed offering. Aether is an open source
platform optimized for multi-cloud deployments, and simultaneous
support for wireless connectivity over licensed, unlicensed and
lightly-licensed (CBRS) spectrum.

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Aether is the foundational platform for the $30M DARPA Pronto project.
Project Pronto is building and deploying a beta-production
end-to-end 5G connected edge cloud leveraging a fully
programmable network empowered with unprecedented visibility,
verification and closed-loop control capabilities to fuel innovation and
secure future network infrastructure.

Cornell, Princeton and Stanford are funded to pursue the Pronto
research on network verification and closed-loop control while ONF is
funded to build, enhance, deploy and operate an Aether network in
support of this research.

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