The SD-Fabric™ is is a developer-friendly, cloud-managed, full stack, programmable network fabric that enables new classes of emerging edge applications for Industry 4.0 powered by 5G.

SD-Fabric supports the creation of customized edge clouds, exposing fully programmable networking resources via SaaS APIs that enable programmers to create advanced applications while reducing the CPU compute power needed for edge-centric applications. Providing a complete P4 programmable network fabric, SD-Fabric gives programmers the power to push customized packet processing deep into networking elements. Application functionality can be accelerated with P4 functionality running in networking switches, and eventually in P4 programmable server NICs and soft switches, thereby improving performance while reducing costs and footprint.

SD-Fabric Architecture

Empowered by a fully programmable, verifiable data plane


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SD-Fabric Tutorial (3 parts)

Presented at the P4 2022 Workshop

Carmelo Cascone, Charles Chan

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SD-Fabric Relation to Aether


SD-Fabric is an integral component of Aether, ONF’s 5G Connected Edge platform for private mobile connectivity and edge cloud services. 

SD-Fabric is integrated into the Aether edges as its underlying network infrastructure, interconnecting all hardware equipment in each Aether Edge site.

SD-Fabric’s fundamental embrace of programmable silicon offers advantages that go far beyond traditional fabrics.


• Right-sized Topology: Scale from smallest HA setup of a pair-of-ToRsto a full leaf-s[pine fabric (multiple racks_ as needed in edge or DC deployments


• API driven: programmable API with ability to drop of reroute traffic, obtain telemetry and program application workloads across switches, CPUs and NICs


• Cloud Managed: Fully integrated and configured by Aether Central


• 5G as a Workload
–Tofino + BESS UPF. Scalable on demand
–Smart NIC + BESS UPF extensions
–5G slicing as primary construct


• Visibility throughout the entire network  enabling closed loop control


• Integration with K8s CNI and overlay enabling true end-to-end programmability and visibility

SD-Fabric is an Integral Part of Pronto

SD-Fabric is operational in the Aether Network that supports project Pronto where its P4 programming capabilities enable fine-grain measurement, network verification and closed loop control via simple APIs.


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