Openflow icon pngOpenFlow® Conformance Certification

The OpenFlow® specification is the first Software-Defined Networking (SDN) standard and a vital element of an open software-defined network architecture. The OpenFlow® Conformance Certification for networking vendors demonstrates compliance with the OpenFlow® specification for hardware such as switches and routers, as well as the network software.

Today’s customers are looking for deployment-ready solutions for their networking environments and future looking for compatibility with the increasing number of SDN solutions built on the OpenFlow® specification. An ONF OpenFlow® Conformance certification is the highest level of assurance available in the market today to validate product conformance with a specific version of the OpenFlow® specification.

All Conformance testing is performed by independent, accredited testing labs around the world, providing both impartial validation and ONF endorsement.

OpenFlow Conformant Products

Certificate of Conformance & Logo Usage

Vendors that earn an ONF Certificate of Conformance gain the right to use the globally-recognized ONF OpenFlow® Conformant logo for their compliant products and website. The logo identifies the version of the OpenFlow® specification to which the product conforms.

It can be used on physical products, software documentation, websites, and marketing material, as described in the ONF trademark usage guidelines. Vendors that earn Certificates of Conformance are also listed on the ONF website, providing an additional competitive advantage.

Available Certificates

OpenFlow Switch v1.3.4

The Basic Single Table Conformance Test Profile is primarily based upon features listed as mandatory in the Openflow Switch Specification 1.3.4.

OpenFlow Switch v1.0

ONF offers OpenFlow® Switch Specification 1.0.1 Certificates of Conformance for Full Conformance, Layer 3 Conformance, and Layer 2 Conformance. Vendors have three certification options because support of some applications does not require the use of all 12 match fields described in the OpenFlow® Switch Specification 1.0.0 (Errata 1.0.1). To allow support of “specialized” devices designed to support only a specific subset of functions, three profiles were defined to specify required match fields to support the most common applications

Please refer to the OpenFlow® Test Specification for more detailed information on test cases and profile requirements. Specific test requirements and costs for each certificate are available from the test lab.

Authorized Test Labs