OIMT and OTCC have merged into the Linux Foundation as ONMI (read the press release).

The Technical Steering Teams (TSTs) leading OIMT and OTCC continue to guide the technical work of these projects, and the working model for these projects should remain undisturbed throughout this transition.

Learn more about the new ONMI project under LF here.


The Open Transport Configuration & Control (OTCC) project aims to promote common configuration and control interfaces for transport networks in SDN, defining these interfaces with open source software and software-defined standards.

The OTCC project  develops software-based standard APIs and related open SDKs for control of L0-L2+ transport technologies, including optical and microwave. This project is responsible for the Transport API (TAPI) used between SDN controllers, orchestrators, traditional management systems and OSS solutions.  TAPI has been extensively tested for interoperability by OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) and utilized by telecom operators and research organizations. It is a RESTCONF YANG interface appropriate for use between SDN controllers and orchestrators as shown below.

TAPI jpg

OTCC is also responsible for development of models and interfaces to support management of multi-vendor wireless networks and joint work with ITU-T on definition of transport-specific information models supporting management of operator transport networks.

Leverage of this work by transport equipment vendors and by partner SDOs (such as OIF, MEF, ITU-T) into their information model, API development and PoC/Interop implementation efforts facilitates industry convergence and avoids needless fragmentation in the Transport API space.


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