Saurav Das, ONF
Matt Jeanneret, AT&T
Khenaidoo Nursimulu, Ciena
Shaun Misset, Radisys
Chip Boling, TiBit Communications

VOLTHA™ is an open source project to create a hardware abstraction for broadband access equipment. It supports the principle of multi-vendor, disaggregated, “any broadband access as a service” for the Central Office.

VOLTHA currently provides a common, vendor agnostic, GPON control and management system, for a set of white-box and vendor-specific PON hardware devices. With the upcoming introduction of access Technology Profiles, VOLTHA will support other access technologies like EPON, NG-PON2 and G.Fast as well.

On its northbound interface, VOLTHA abstracts the PON network to appear as a programmable Ethernet switch to an SDN controller. On its southbound side, VOLTHA communicates with PON hardware devices using vendor-specific protocols through OLT and ONU adapters.

Virtual OLT Hardware Abstraction (VOLTHA)™

VOLTHA hides PON-level details (T-CONT, GEM ports, OMCI etc.) from the SDN controller, and abstracts each PON as a pseudo-Ethernet switch easily programmed by the SDN controller

Current multi-layer Networks

Access as a Switch: Makes an access network look like an abstract programmable switch

Evolution to virtualization: Works with legacy as well as virtualized devices. Can run on the device, on general purpose servers, or in a virtualized cloud.

Unified OAM abstraction: Provides unified, vendor/technology agnostic management interface

DevOps bridge to modernization: Brings the latest development techniques to telecommunications


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