An open source next generation SDN (NG-SDN) platform integrating several enabling technologies and assembling them to provide a hardware independent, programmable, zero-touch, verifiable networking solution built on white box hardware and open source software. Open source components include:

  • µONOS: A logically centralized, cloud-native SDN control and configuration platform that manages a network of Stratum-enabled switches.
  • Stratum: Thin switch OS supporting Next-Gen SDN interfaces (P4Runtime, gNMI, gNOI, gRIBI) and Open Config models.
  • NG-SDN Verification Engine: Fine grained network measurement of every packet and flow enables ongoing verification of the precise behavior of the network. Automated tuning and updates ensure the network is delivering the precise behavior defined by the operator, thus ensuring the network is performing as specified.
  • NG-SDN Operationalization Framework: Network becomes managed with a CI/CD toolchain, enabling rapid updates, automated rollouts, verification and automated rollbacks. The network becomes a dynamic and nimble resource that can be leveraged and updated without fear that changes will break the operator’s infrastructure.

NG-SDN Exemplar (Stratum + μONOS + P4)


  • Stratum – a switch agent providing control, config, and operations via P4Runtime, gNMI (using OpenConfig models), and gNOI
  • μONOS – evolution of the ONOS SDN controller platform supporting a unified control plane, micro-service based architecture, and common control and data plane orchestration
  • P4 – enabling programmable forwarding

Next-Gen SDN Stack: An Overview


  • Top-down programmability
  • Hardware independence
  • Cloud-like lifecycle
  • Verifiability
  • NG-SDN Resources

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