SDN Enabled Broadband Access (SEBA)™

SEBA is a reference design based on a variant of R-CORD. It supports a multitude of virtualized access technologies at the edge of the carrier network, including PON, G.Fast, and eventually DOCSIS and more. It supports both residential access and wireless backhaul, and is optimized such that traffic can run ‘fastpath’ straight through to the backbone without requiring VNF processing on a server.

SEBA includes NEM(Network Edge Mediator), which leverages the XOS toolchain to provide mediation to different operators’ backend management/OSS systems and FCAPS support to operationalize the platform.


SEBA Architecture

SEBA Graphic v003 1 png
Exemplar Platform: SEBA
Component Projects: VOLTHA, ONOS, ONOS SDN Apps, OSAM, OCP and NEM


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