New ONF is Delivering Broad Industry Impact

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ONF’s solutions power numerous world leading tier-1
production networks

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ONF’s private 5G platform selected for $30M DARPA project

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ONF open source components used by majority of network vendors to power their product offerings

ONF has a full portfolio of mobile, broadband and datacenter projects that all work together running on white box hardware

ONF is a collaboration between operators and a vibrant ecosystem of community members

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Benefits for ONF Ecosystem

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  • Accelerate innovation
  • Reduce CAPEX/OPEX
  • Lead industry in creation of next-generation open source solutions

Supply Chain

  • Gain early visibility into operator requirements
  • Create products in partnership with operators
  • Capture a share of the $490B market transformation resulting from ONF-based open source

System Integrators

  • Help operators plan, build and operate their networks
  • New business opportunity helping operators as they transform their networks

Forecasted Market Share Impact of ONF’sOpen Source Platforms

$490 billion dollars of market share are being directly impacted by ONF’s projects.

$73B in revenue expected to shift to vendors delivering ONF-based solutions to operators

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