Q: Why have ONF and ON.Lab decided to merge?

A: According to Allied Market Research report from June 2016, the SDN market is expected to reach $132.9 billion by 2022. While cloud computing is a major driver of SDN, if service providers and large network operators like AT&T, SK Telecom, China Telecom and Verizon are to adopt SDN, both high-quality open source software for the necessary but non-differentiating infrastructure, as well as open standards and APIs are needed.

Working together, the new ONF will have a greater influence and impact on the huge and rapidly growing SDN market as the only organization in the networking industry that combines best-of-breed standards and open source work under one umbrella.

By uniting the strengths of the ONF and ON.Lab organizations, the new ONF is also able to create the first Open Innovation Pipeline for the networking industry. By combining each organization’s resources and unique expertise, the new ONF will be able to influence and impact the huge and rapidly growing SDN market.