ONF Overview 2014

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit, user-driven organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of SDN & NFV. The merger of ON.Lab with ONF presents member companies a unique opportunity to work with leading network operators to transform networks into agile platforms for service delivery while streamlining network operations by leveraging the DevOps model with cloud, open source and whitebox efficiencies.

The SDN movement, first initiated by the ONF, has successfully set in motion the disaggregation of networking devices and control software and fostered the emergence of a broad range of open source platforms. Now, the industry needs a unifying effort to build solutions out of the complexity of the numerous disaggregated components.

The ONF helps members navigate this complexity by first providing a complete open source platform that pulls together the foundation pieces for creating solutions. To broaden the flexibility and usability of the platform, the ONF is also driving the creation of software defined standards to ensure that components from both members and from the broader ecosystem can be interchangeably used to build solutions.

OpenFlow-LogoONF emphasizes an open, collaborative development process that is driven from the end-user perspective. Our signature accomplishment to date is introducing the OpenFlow® Standard, which enables remote programming of the forwarding plane. The OpenFlow® Standard is the first SDN standard and a vital element of an open software-defined network architecture.

For additional information, please contact us. To learn more about the ONF, please download the All About ONF document.