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Rajesh Challa

Bangalore, India

Organization: Samsung R&D Institute

Areas of Specialization: CORD

An Associate Architect in Networks R&D division at Samsung R&D Institute India, Bangalore (SRIB), received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering from Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea, in 2019. He has been working with SRIB since 2003 on mobile commercialization activities and conducting research in next-generation mobile systems. His areas of expertise include IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Android Radio Interface Layer (RIL), Linux device driver development, Data plane and NAS layer of LTE, and proprietary Samsung Handset Platform (SHP) solution. He is CORD Ambassador in Open Networking Foundation (ONF) Ambassadors’ Program, and has been a contributor in ONOS/CORD projects. He is currently representing Samsung Electronics at CNCF TUG group, and focusing on 5G cloud-native network design and orchestration at SRIB. His research includes 5G network slicing & orchestration, Service Chaining (SFC), and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Areas of Expertise: IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), Dataplane and NAS Layer Signaling of LTE, Android Radio Interface Layer (RIL), Linux Device Driver Development