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Udaya kumar R

Coimbatore, India

Organization: Arkey Information Systems

Areas of Specialization: Aether, CORD, NG-SDN, OMEC/COMAC, ONOS/µONOS, P4, SEBA/VOLTHA, Stratum, Trellis

Experienced Digital System Specialist with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree focused in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Coimbatore, India. Experience of working in the Digital Technology and Services industry for the last 35 years since 1987 in various work assignments. He has started his carrier as an employee of Sales, Marketing and Distribution of Communications, Networking, Office Automation, Industrial Automation and Computer Domains till 1993 before venturing in to his own small business in the same field and domain.

He has been running a small business Arkey Information Systems since 1993 serving the society through technology and entrepreneurship. He has started selling telecommunication equipment during electro mechanical Strowger Switch POTS Exchange. Networking equipment from initial Coaxial cable based ArcNet system. Computers from the period IBM Pc’s were launched in India. His association started with Open Source during the launch of Linux by Linus Trovalds in the Nineties.

He is passionate to take the ONF projects to the researchers and industry to develop a robust and secure state-of-the-art telecommunication network providing seamless coverage with special focus on rural and remote areas for bridging the digital divide and thereby facilitate socio- economic development to more than a billion people to create an inclusive knowledge society through proliferation of affordable and high quality broadband and mobile services across the nation.

He is interested to develop micro Aether open source 5G Connected Edge platform for enabling enterprise digital transformation for small to medium enterprises. Also interested to develop micro CORD projects for rural centres servicing more than half a million villages in India.

Living in a family with spouse, son and daughter. Interested in walking, mountaineering and relaxing.