Aether Community Meeting – Purdue University

Jan 18, 2023 to Jan 18, 2023 | Virtual Event

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January 18th | 8:00am Pacific

Purdue University 300x55 jpgThis Aether Community Meeting featured Purdue University. They presented their 5G Lab-to-Life Platform, in which Aether is an integral element, and discuss plans for how it will be used in the lab as part of their research.

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Purdue University Aether Deployments

Purdue University is at the forefront of making 5G a reality by investing in and developing a large-scale infrastructure that connects research with practice all the way to real-world use cases. On the research front, they are developing new domain-specific architectures to accelerate the 5G mobile core to scale to an increasing number of UE devices and supercharge edge computing while ensuring security and trustworthiness. And to realize this in practice, Purdue is curating a multi-faceted 5G Lab-to-Life Platform, spanning large real world demonstration sites in mobility, agriculture, manufacturing, and a mixed use urban community. Under the hood, all this is being powered by various networks, industry partners, and technologies including open-source technologies including Aether.

In this talk, they discuss how Aether is helping us characterize the performance and scalability implications of running the various 5G mobile core components on COTS servers. We will show how these components today, when running on these servers, result in suboptimal behavior and performance, and how we are extending Aether to overcome these limitations.

Guest Speakers

  • Muhammad Shahbaz
    • Kevin C. and Suzanne L. Kahn New Frontiers Assistant Professor, 
    • Computer Science, Purdue University
  • Y. Charlie Hu
    • Michael and Katherine Birck Professor 
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University
  • Troy D. Hege
    • Vice President of Innovation and Technology
    • Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)
  • David Broecker
    • Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer 
    • Purdue Research Foundation (PRF)