OCP Virtual Summit

May 12, 2020 to May 15, 2020 | Virtual

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Don’t miss the OCP Virtual Summit, May 12-15th. The ONF will be featuring five kiosks in the ONF Pavilion as part of the expo. Some ground-breaking open source projects and solutions transforming mobile and broadband networks around the world will be demonstrated, featuring products from ONF supply chain members. Don’t miss this virtual opportunity to view demos and interface directly with ONF’s technical experts. Learn about ONF and how we are transforming the future of networking - find out how you can join our ecosystem!

5G/LTE Edge-Cloud-as-a-Service

ONF is demonstrating Aether, an exciting new open, cloud-based private mobile network platform running applications from leading cloud, application and system integration organizations. This multi-site solution is centrally controlled from the public cloud, and supports licensed and CBRS (unlicensed) mobile access and edge cloud applications from leading cloud operators all on a lightweight containerized open source platform.

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Production Grade, P4 Programmable, SDN Fabric

This demo takes Trellis, ONF’s production fabric, and pairs it with Stratum, a light-weight, P4 programmable switch operating system. In addition to running on a mixture of Barefoot Tofino and Broadcom Tomahawk switches, we will be highlighting some of the exciting new features of Stratum: support for packet transponder devices and support for Broadcom’s OpenNSA SDK. Stratum will run on Edgecore’s CASSINI packet transponders, which will also serve as the spines in the multi-stage Trellis topology. This is the first time CASSINI has been used as both a packet transponder and MPLS forwarder simultaneously, and represents an important milestone towards unifying ONF’s Trellis and ODTN reference designs. The addition of OpenNSA will pave the way to support additional ASICs in the Broadcom XGS (Trident, Tomahawk) and DNX (Qumran) families. OpenNSA directly exports functionality from Broadcom’s proprietary SDK, which is used in production by some of the largest operators in the world. Stratum users will now have a choice between OpenNSA and SDKLT, Broadcom’s next generation SDK.

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Bringing CI/CD to Switch OS Platforms

This demo showcases how Stratum’s automated test pipeline can be used to accelerate feature development and deployment. Leveraging state of the art techniques from the cloud industry, TestVectors brings system integration tests to the switch and helps qualify new software and new switches quickly and seamlessly. This demo will highlight how using TestVectors and the P4 programming language, switches can now be continuously certified to work with the latest software releases, giving operators more confidence in rapid rollout.

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SEBA - SDN-Enabled Broadband Access

ONF’s SEBA and Stratum projects showcase a virtualized broadband access solution integrated with OCP-accepted Edgecore XGS-PON OLTs and Wedge 100 BF-32X switches. The demo will highlight the VOLTHA software stack for OLT hardware abstraction, together with end-subscriber provisioning including bandwidth and QoS capabilities. As part of the SEBA solution, we will demonstrate preliminary support for a disaggregated BNG (SD-BNG) for PPPoE-based residential access, using P4-programmable switches and next-gen SDN software from the Stratum project.

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ONF Overview

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit operator-led consortium with a mission of driving the transformation of mobile and broadband network infrastructures and carrier business models. Using a unique curated open source model the ONF collaboratively builds solutions leveraging network disaggregation, white-box economies, SDN/NFV/Cloud technologies and open source software. Stop by to learn about ONF and how it is revolutionizing the industry with its open source platforms, production network deployments and ecosystem of operators, supply chain and system integrators.

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