Project Atrium: An Open Source SDN Distribution

Atrium is committed to accelerating the adoption of open Software-Defined Networking (SDN) by bringing to the community, use-case driven, vertically integrated, open SDN software distributions. These distributions will make it easy for SDN users to get-started, build-out and customize to their unique requirements. These distributions will also further the tough domain of interoperability by building the right abstractions for applications to program heterogeneous data planes via a variety of Controllers.

What’s coming in the near future? Slated for June 30 2015, the first release of Atrium (15/A) is a vendor-agnostic open source Quagga-based Routing distribution built using the ONOS Controller. To learn more, download the Atrium Overview document. The second release of Atrium (15/B) in December 2015 will build this Routing distribution using the ODL Controller. Please stay tuned.

If you are a Network Operator, System Integrator, ISV, Controller Developer, Switch Vendor, SDN Researcher or Freelancer we are actively seeking your participation. Please send an e-mail with your name, company/affiliation, and your interest in Atrium to