Project Snowmass hosts the Transport API SDK (TAPI) of the ONF Open Transport SDN project. TAPI is a realization of the ONF Common Information Model (CIM) created through the pruning and refactoring process. This repository contains models and code for TAPI, including the TAPI Information Model (UML), the YANG Data Schema, the Open API Specification (OAS/Swagger), and a Python Reference Implementation. The TAPI SDK is available under the Apache 2.0 license.

The following briefly describes the TAPI SDK components and processes:

  • The TAPI UML Information Model is derived from the ONF Core Information Model using a pruning and refactoring process, so as to conform to the ONF Transport API Functional Requirements Specifications (TR-527)
  • The YANG Data Schema is generated from the UML model using OSSDN EAGLE project guidelines & generation tools
  • The Open API Specification (OAS/Swagger) is generated from YANG schema using OSSDN EAGLE project generation tools & RESTConf specification
  • The Python code stubs for the Reference Implementation is generated from the Open API specification (OAS/Swagger) using OSSDN EAGLE project generation tools, and then populated with a thin mapping layer to ONOS API and an associated example network created using the Mininet network emulator

Currently the TAPI Functional Requirements Specifications developed and published by the ONF serve as the primary input to the development of the TAPI SDK.