pdfSDN Architecture – A Primer NEW

White Papers

pdf2016 ONF OIF SDN T-API Interop Executive Overview NEW
pdf2016 OIF-ONF SDN T-API Interop NEW
pdfWireless Transport SDN PoC 3 – Whitepaper
pdfWireless Transport SDN PoC 2 – Whitepaper
pdfSDN Solutions Showcase – OpenSource Whitepaper
The SDN Solutions Showcase Whitepaper 
pdfWireless Transport SDN PoC – Whitepaper
pdfOpenFlow® Conformance Test Program – Whitepaper
Software-Defined Networking: The New Norm for Networks

SDN Solution Briefs
Solution Briefs articulate the OpenFlow-based SDN value proposition for high-level solution areas. Each document addresses a high-level use case, and presents a problem statement, resulting network challenges, the proposed solution based on OpenFlow-based SDN, and the benefits.


pdfImpact of SDN and NFV on OSS/BSS 
pdfSimplifying OpenFlow® Interoperability with Table Type Patterns 
SDN Migration Considerations & Use Cases
OpenFlow-enabled Transport SDN
OpenFlow-enabled SDN and Network Functions Virtualization
pdfOpenFlow-Enabled Mobile and Wireless Networks
SDN Security Considerations in the Data Center
SDN in the Campus Environment 
Operator Network Monetization Through OpenFlow-Enabled SDN
pdfHow OpenFlow-Based SDN Transforms Private Cloud
pdfOpenFlow-Enabled Hybrid Cloud Services Connect Enterprise and Service Provider Data Centers
pdfOpenFlow-Enabled Cloud Backbone Networks Create Global Provider Data Centers

ONF OpenSource SDN Publications


pdfAtrium Overview 


pdf NBI Information Model of Network Topology TR-1500

Customer Case Studies

pdfOpenFlow® Gives Malware a Caning
pdfNEC Shows the Benefits of OpenFlow-based SDN in a Hospital Setting
pdfGoogle’s Inter-Datacenter WAN Using SDN and OpenFlow
pdfSeparating Authentication, Access and Accounting: A Case Study with OpenWiFi (Sept. 2011)

Technical Papers

pdf Global Transport SDN Prototype Demonstration (October, 2014)
pdfOctober 2012 Interoperability Event Technical Paper, v0.4 (Feb. 7, 2013) 
pdfMarch 2012 Interoperability Event Technical Paper, v1.0 (April 19, 2012)
pdfMarch 2012 Interoperability Event White Paper, v1.0 (April 18, 2012)

IEEE Papers

pdf Software-Defined Networking: Standardization for Cloud Computing’s Second Wave
pdf The Evolution of SDN and OpenFlow: A Standards Perspective
pdf Network Functions Virtualization in Home Networks
pdf Panopticon: Incremental Deployment of Software-­Defined Networking
pdf Service Function Chaining Creating a Service Plane Using Network Service Header (NSH)
pdf Team of Rivals: Aligning Technology & Market Drivers in an Open-Source Standards Testing Program
pdf When Open Source Meets Network Control Planes