ONF Meetup with ONF WorkDay Update

December 8, 2014 | Nanjing, China (1830-2100)

ONF-symbol-med 2014 ONF Day, Member Salon for China Future Network Industry Innovation Alliance and Member Salon for China SDN Commission will be held at Hotel One Nanjing on December 8 when China Future Network Development and Innovation Forum & Global SDN Open Networking Conference 2014 is held. This social event is undertaken by ONF, China Future Network Industry Innovation Alliance and China SDN Commission together. It will be a platform for inner communication among ONF members, and also provide the opportunities for non-ONF members in China and fellows dedicated in future network construction and development a chance to be updated with the whole internet world, so as to promote future network development, industrial information sharing and SDN commercial use.

Registration http://www.conference.cn/registration/en/

Questions contact: events@opennetworking.org