Open Server Summit

October 22-24, 2013 / Santa Clara, CA

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Open Server Summit is the only event focused entirely on the $50 billion server market. And it is the first event to deal with “Bringing Servers into the Cloud Computing Era”.

It will cover such key emerging topics as virtualization, cloud computing, green design and energy saving methods, solid state drives, power and cooling, data center strategies, server roadmaps, and application acceleration.

The Open Server Summit focuses on the design of next-generation servers ranging from simple blades to powerful high-end systems. Servers have the primary function of managing data transfers rather than actual computing. They generally operate in large racks in data centers. Problems include load balancing, power dissipation, consolidation, and expansion. Current issues include designing for virtualization and cloud computing, reducing power consumption, managing large numbers of servers (server farms), increasing throughput and performance, and bundling of servers, interfaces, and software into unified architectures. Other issues include the use of advanced interfaces and storage devices such as 10/40/100GbE, InfiniBand, NAS, SAN, and solid state drives.