Webinar with ONF: Developing OpenFlow® Networking Applications – A Network Programmer’s Journey

April 11, 2014

ONF-Webinar-Developing-OpenFlow-Networking-ApplicationsThe advent of SDN has ignited a revolution within the networking market. While 2013 was primarily focused on “what is SDN” and “why SDN”, 2014 is focused on “how to deploy SDN”, and we’ve already seen a large number of early deployments spring up in both the enterprise and service provider markets. As a leading force of change in the industry, the ONF is embarking on a series of educational initiatives on both deployment and application development to demystify and open up the foundations of SDN and OpenFlow® to the wider market. The ONF had recently commissioned Andrew Pearce, a 20-­year veteran network programmer and currently software architect at Wiretap Labs (a custom software development firm), to design and develop an OpenFlow® network application on the OpenDaylight controller.

In this educational webinar,  Andy will share his experiences and will cover the following key topics:

  • Understanding OpenFlow® ­from a developer’s perspective
  • Designing an OpenFlow® application
  • Working with OpenDaylight and OpenFlow® switches
  • Key learnings, pitfalls and tips
  • The future of the network programmer

Join the ONF and Andy Pearce as we embark on the journey towards building a thriving marketplace for SDN applications.