April 19, 2012

ONF awards were presented to the winners at the closing plenary at the ONF Member Workday on April 19 in Santa Clara.

Outstanding Leadership

haugh michaelMichael Haugh (Ixia), chair of the Testing & Interoperability Working Group, who has led the group since last June and put on the highly successful plug-fest in March
guis isabelleIsabelle Guis (Big Switch Networks), chair of the Market Education committee, who has led the group since its formation in December and oversaw the production of the SDN white paper and the highly successful SDN tutorial for project managers at the Open Networking Summit

Outstanding Technical Contributor

davy matthewMatt Davy (Indiana University academic associate), technical contributor to the Testing & Interoperability Working Group, for contributing his extensive experience in deploying multivendor OpenFlow® networks to the development of interoperability test methodologies
sherwood robRob Sherwood (Big Switch Networks), vice chair of the Testing & Interoperability Working Group, for his contributions to the development of test cases and getting switches to work with controllers at the plug-fest; Rob is the first person to win an Outstanding Technical Contributor award for work in two different ONF working groups

Outstanding Initiative

cohn marcMarc Cohn (IP Infusion), for consistently taking on all tasks in the Market Education committee and especially for his extensive contribution to the SDN white paper
beckmann curtCurt Beckmann (Brocade), for his sustained efforts to do what needs to be done, first in Extensibility and then Match-Action-Table (before we decided not to separate the protocol specifics from extensibility) and lately in OpenFlow-Future; he documents meetings, sends reports, shows up on the Council of Chairs calls on time, and selflessly moves the work forward

Outstanding Contributor

meyer davidDavid Meyer (Cisco), for contributing in just about every possible way to ONF, including frequent and insightful technical contributions to multiple working groups, leadership and structuring the work in OpenFlow-Future, representing ONF in talks at conferences, meetups, and other venues in just about every time zone on the planet, and for his honesty and straight shooting regarding the issues and our choices