LuxoftTenant Driven Orchestration of NFV Services to Honor SLAs
Luxoft, a worldwide leader in software and services market, along with network services partners Qosmos and Certes Networks, will demonstrate virtualized data center use case of tenant driven orchestration of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) services to honor service level agreements (SLA). Our demonstration is focused on addressing real pain point of cloud services providers who need to orchestrate and automate entire life cycle of virtual network functions (VNF) and the service chains of a variety of VNFs including DPI, Firewall and VPN, that are often requested by data center customers on a given network path. At ONF’s very first solution showcase, Luxoft is delighted to launch and demonstrate its SuperCloud NFV orchestration platform that is vendor neutral, ETSI NFV architecture compliant and extensible through award winning Luxoft professional services. See you at the demo!

Luxoft demo data slide presentation