Aether 0.5 - September 9, 2020

Accelleran – E1000 Series (Product Discontinued)

Model #: E1000 Series
Category: Small Cell

The Single Carrier Local Area E1000 product range is applicable to deployments from sparse coverage-constrained scenarios to capacity-constrained and ultra-dense scenarios. It has been successfully trialed in suburban and rural environments with high-gain directional antennas to replace FWA legacy WiMax equipment and enables LTE deployments with a much lower TCO than that offered with the typical LTE macrocells. The product has also been successfully trialed in urban/suburban environments with omni-directional antennas to address capacity-constrained ultra-dense deployments.

In terms of supported frequencies, the Single Carrier Local Area E1000 product range supports the most deployed TDD and FDD bands, with a particular focus on the specific range dedicated to the new 3.5GHz worldwide mobile capacity in B42 (3400-3600 MHz), B43 (3600-3800MHz) and the B48 CBRS/OnGo variant (3550-3700 MHz)

The following is a summary of the different types of deployments targeted by our Single Carrier Local Area E1000 Series.

  • Urban/Suburban
  • Enterprise
  • Rural and Remote

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