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ADTRAN – SDX-6320-16

Model #: 11971330F1
Category: OLT

ADTRAN SDX 6320-16 is an open, programmable, and scalable access device with 16 Combo ports that can either use a GPON, XGS-PON or a Combo PON optic.  The SDX 6320 can be aggregated using high-density aggregation systems, including ADTRAN’s SDX 8200 and 8300 Series aggregation switches, or used directly as a standalone OLT. This SDX 6320-16 includes redundant DC power feeds with side-to-side airflow as well as 4xQSFP28 100G and 4xSFP+ 10G uplink interfaces. This unit is designed for cabinets and CO racks, including 19″, ETSI and 23″ racks. This SDX 6320-16 includes a field replaceable fan tray. 
Visit adtran.com for more information; access the data sheet here.