The Trellis reference design (RD) provides an architecture pattern to develop solutions for SDN/NFV based fabrics for service providers.
The purpose is to define a common infrastructure component for both service providers and suppliers towards the development, productization and support of open source software and whitebox hardware.

Trellis RD provides an SDN/NFV based fabric for a broad set of access technologies, such as HFC, PON, Ethernet and wireless. The goal is to use SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to build agile datacenters for the network edge. Unlike traditional networking approaches, the fabric will be controlled by applications running on a clustered, scalable, and highly available controller platform.


Trellis - Production-ready Multi-purpose leaf-spine fabric

trellis rd architecture png
Exemplar Platform: Trellis
Component Projects: ONOS, ONOS SDN Apps, OF-DPA, ONL, OCP


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