New OpenFlow

OpenFlow-Logo-SmallOpenFlow® is the first standard communications interface defined between the control and forwarding layers of an SDN architecture. OpenFlow® allows direct access to and manipulation of the forwarding plane of network devices such as switches and routers, both physical and virtual (hypervisor-based).

OpenFlow-based SDN technologies enable IT to address the high-bandwidth, dynamic nature of today’s applications, adapt the network to ever-changing business needs, and significantly reduce operations and management complexity.

For historical information about the origins of OpenFlow® at Stanford University prior to the creation of ONF, please see


  • Enable innovation/differentiation
  • Accelerate new features and services introduction

Centralized Intelligence

  • Simplify provisioning
  • Optimize performance
  • Granular policy management


  • Decouple: 
    • Hardware & Software
    • Control plane & forwarding
    • Physical & logical config.