Cross Stratum Optimization (CSO)

Cloud computing provides a variety of services allowing end-users, from individual to enterprises, to access to large pools of storage resources, computational resources and various application services (e.g., Video Caching, VM mobility, media content delivery, IoT, etc.). Data centers provide the physical and virtual infrastructure in which cloud computing applications and services are provided. Since both cloud computing and the data centers used to provide application services are distributed geographically around a network, application service instantiation can have a significant impact on the state of the network. Conversely the capabilities and current state of the network can have a major impact on the application performance.

The CSO project is aimed to provide an end-to-end orchestration, abstraction and resource optimization across Data Center SDN controllers and WAN SDN controllers so that user-applications can be created and managed seamlessly. The projects starts with the gap analysis to identify what CSO can use in existing ONF (and outside, if appropriate) work and specifications, and also what new work may be necessary. In parallel to the gap analysis, a prototype implementation gets started for ONOS and/or OpenStack, to be hosted at OSSDN. The prototype will feed back into the gap analysis and any later specification work so that it’s not all abstract, but based on actual implementation experience.

CHAIR: Young Lee (Huawei)
VICE-CHAIR: Wang Feng (China Telecom)
VICE-CHAIR: Bin Young Yoon (ETRI)

Resources & Publications

pdfMapping Cross Stratum Orchestration (CSO) to the SDN Architecture (May 2016 | TR-528)