The primary goal for this project is to carry out the analysis of security issues with SDN and so promote discussion of security considerations and recommendations relating to the protocols or any other proposals of ONF. Over time, this project will encourage the design/development of new security services and applications for SDN to deliver additional security functionality to systems, applications, and data.

CHAIR: Dacheng Zhang (Huawei)
VICE CHAIR: Dr. Sandra Scott-Hayward (Queen’s University Belfast)

Resources & Publications

pdfSecurity Foundation Requirements for SDN Controllers (July 2016 | TR-529)
pdfThreat Analysis for the SDN Architecture (July 2016 | TR-530)
pdfCharter of Security Project 
pdfPrinciples & Practices of Securing Software Defined Networks applied to OFv1.3.4 Ver 1.0 (April 2014 | TR-511)