XiaoDong Duan – China Mobile Research Institute

Xiaodong DuanMr. Xiaodong Duan is the director of the department of network technology at China Mobile Research Institute. He is responsible for architecture vision and technology strategy of the network infrastructure especially focusing on IP network, optical transport, data center and wireless core network. As the engine of innovation, he leads team overseeing the lifecycle of many new technologies from concept to deployment. Driven by him, China Mobile is in the leading position in SDN&NFV Research and deployments. Several notable mile stones have been archived including the introduction of SPTN , Data Center SDN and NFV, vEPC, vIMS trial. Xiaodong and his team are also very active in many key standard organizations and hold leadership positions in 3GPP, NGMN, IETF, BBF, ITU, ONF, ETSI NFV, OPNFV, et al.