Ben Mack-Crane– Principal Architect at Corsa Technology

SPECIFICATIONS ABen Mack CraneREA DIRECTOR – Ben Mack-Crane is a Principal Architect at Corsa Technology focusing on high performance applications of pure SDN using open protocols. Ben has experience with automated control across a broad spectrum of network technologies, from optical to packet and L0 through L7. He has been involved in behavioral specification and modeling of a wide variety of network elements over his career including packet switches and routers, transport systems, cable telephony, flexible multiplexers, and telephone switches. His current focus is on SDN and virtualization. Ben has been instrumental in numerous standards development efforts, including work in the ONF, MEF, IEEE, ITU, IETF, OIF, and ATIS. In addition to directing the Specification Area, Ben is currently leading the ongoing development and evolution of the OpenFlow protocol in the Open Datapath Working Group.