Matthew Mattina – Director of Enterprise Technology, New Business Ventures, ARM

matthew mattinaMatthew Mattina is Director of Enterprise Technology of ARM’s New Business Ventures group. Previously, Matthew was CTO at Tilera (acquired by EZchip), responsible for overall processor strategy, architecture, and technology, leading the design of the 64-core TILE-Pro, and the 9- to 72-core TILE-Gx processor families.

Prior to Tilera, Matthew was with Intel Corporation where he was architect of the Tukwila Multicore Processor. While with Intel, Matthew invented and designed the Intel Ring Uncore Architecture, used across Intel’s x86 multicore processor designs. Prior to Intel, he was an architect and circuit design engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation, working on Alpha processors. Matthew also served as Technical Leader at Cisco Systems in the TelePresence Infrastructure Business Unit, where he contributed to the hardware and software design of high-definition video conferencing products. He has been granted over 20 patents and has published journal and conference papers relating to CPU design, multicore processors, and cache coherence protocols. Matt holds a BS in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a MS in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.