Carl Moberg – Cisco Systems

carl mobergCarl Moberg is a Technical Director in the Tail-f group at cisco systems’ Cloud and Virtualization Group (CVG). Carl spends his time on orchestration solutions across physical and virtualized networks. Carl is also a key contributor to many of the standards organizations including IETF, ETSI NFV, Cablelabs, ONF and MEF.

Carl came to cisco through the aquisition of Tail-f Systems in 2014. Carl was an integral part of the Tail-f management team since joining in 2006 holding a variety of positions including VP Engineering, and VP Marketing & Product Management.

Before joining Tail-f Systems, Mr. Moberg held several management positions at ServiceFactory, a company that he co-founded in 1999. Prior to ServiceFactory, Mr. Moberg was one of the principal architects of Telia’s Internet service platform. This platform was an industry first, supporting a wide variety of access types and application services in an integrated fashion to millions of subscribers.