Ron Milford – Manager of InCNTRE SDN Lab at Indiana University

ron_milfordRon Milford is manager of the InCNTRE SDN Lab at Indiana University. Over the last two years, Ron has built the Lab from the ground up and has led interoperability testing for the OpenFlow® Standard both in the InCNTRE Lab and at Industry Events. Ron was instrumental in planning, organizing and running the ONF Fall 2012 PlugFest held at the InCNTRE Lab and the OpenFlow® Standard SCinet Research Sandbox at SC11 in Seattle. Prior to his involvement in the SDN Lab, Ron spent more than 15 years as a Network Engineer, designing and operating commercial and R&E service provider networks. As a network engineer, his achievements include planning and leading a team to upgrade over 10,000km of optical infrastructure in a very aggressive 5-month timeframe, along with architecting and leading a team to merge two nationwide commercial service provider networks.