Architecture & Framework

CHAIR: Fabian Schneider
VICE CHAIR: Kam Lam, Alcatel Lucent

architecture-frameworkThe Architecture and Framework working group was created to help standardize SDN by defining the broad set of problems that the SDN architecture needs to address. 

Recent achievements and new goals include:


  • Formed working group
  • Published initial draft of the Framework document
  • Published initial draft of the Architecture document
  • Ran “Heads Down” Design Team workshop
  • Published first version of the Architecture Overview Document
  • Completed NBI study and handed off to the newly formed NBI Working Group
  • Layer 4 – 7 work effort spun off into a new Discussion Group

Goals for 2014

  • Publish revisions of the Architecture Overview document to address possible extensions to the architecture
  • Publish detailed Architecture document
  • Publish Framework document
  • Publish New Charter
  • Draft and finalize the next revision of the Architecture and Framework documents.