Bhumip Khasnabish – ZTE

bhumip khasnabish thumbBhumip Khasnabish works in the Strategy Planning and Standards Development division of ZTE (TX) Inc., USA. Previously, he worked at Verizon/GTE Laboratories (Waltham, MA, USA) and at Bell-Northern Research (BNR) Ltd. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). His research interests include network and system virtualization, network coding, open networks and systems, and software-defined networking and services. Bhumip initiated cloud and data center activities in the IETF, co-chaired the ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF), and founded and chaired both the ATIS NG-CI task force and the MSF Services WG. In addition, he is a member of the DMTF leadership team. As an ONF member, Bhumip contributed to the development of: Migration Use Cases and Methods, Migration Tools and Metrics, SDN Migration Considerations and Use Cases, and SDN Migration Prototype and Demo Proposals. He initiated cost-performance analyses for migrating to OpenFlow-based networks, and participated in SPRING-OpenFlow® activities.