Deepak Bansal – Partner Group Manager, Microsoft

deepak bansalDeepak Bansal is a Partner Group Manager at Microsoft. He is responsible for the development of the software stack used to allocate and manage Windows Azure network resources. He has been in Windows Azure for six years, working on realizing the software- controlled network vision by delivering critical network functions in Cloud via software running on servers, and by eliminating human errors in network misconfiguration by driving configuration of network devices in software. Managing the networks in the same manner as servers and eliminating complexity in physical networks are two key tenets to enabling resilient networks needed for the Cloud.

Prior to Windows Azure, Deepak led the development of the TCP/IP network stack in Windows, including IPv6 support. Deepak has a Masters in Computer Science from MIT, Cambridge where he won Masterworks awards for his thesis on new TCP congestion control algorithms. He has Bachelors from IIT Delhi, India where he topped the Computer Science department. Deepak’s areas of interest are Cloud, core networking protocols such as TCP/IP, IPsec, and HTTP, load balancing, new network abstractions, wireless networks, network security, and QoS.