Maarten Vissers – Technical Director European R&D Centre, Huawei

maarten vissersMaarten Vissers is a technical director in the European R&D Centre of Huawei Technologies since April 2008. He is currently responsible for the technical aspects of the evolution of the multi service optical transport network towards a flexible optical transport network operated under SDN control and management. Prior to this he has been responsible for the technical aspects of the multi-service evolution of the optical transport network and packet transport technologies towards one global multi-technology packet optical converged transport network.

He holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering, digital systems from the Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands obtained in 1982. Prior to joining Huawei Technologies he worked at Philips Telecommunication Industry, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Alcatel and Alcatel Lucent.

Since 1991 he actively contributed to PDH, SDH, ATM, OTN, ASON, T-MPLS/MPLS-TP, Ethernet and Transport SDN standards development in ITU-T, ETSI, IEEE 802.1, IETF, MEF and ONF. He is an expert in functional modelling, fault management, performance monitoring, protection switching, overhead and OAM for connection monitoring and network node interface specifications. He is a vice chair of the Optical Transport Working Group in ONF. He is the editor of a number of OTN, Ethernet and Transport SDN standards in ITU-T and ONF and has been the editor of several SDH and T-MPLS standards in ETSI and ITU-T.