Configuration & Management

CHAIR: Deepak Bansal
VICE CHAIR: Anantha Ramaiah

configuration-managementThe Configuration & Management working group (CMWG) was created to address core Operations, Administration, and Management (OA&M) issues with the OpenFlow® Standard.

Recent achievements and new goals include:


  • Released OF-Config 1.0, OF-Config 1.1. and OF-Config 1.1.1 specifications, which enable configuration of key artifacts for a network implementing the OpenFlow® Standard
  • Considered various options for modeling and for transport for OF-Config including NETCONF, WS-MAN, SNMP and OVSDB, and elected to focus on NETCONF and XML, keeping future addition of new transports and serialization language as an option
  • Implemention of OF-Config is available in vSwitch implementations in LINC and RYU. Network management systems like Tail-f systems can use OF-Config to manage switches with OF-Config capability.
  • Presented and received approval to expand our charter to cover OAM for networks implementing the OpenFlow® Standard
  • Released OF Configuration and Management Protocol
  • Published OpenFlow® Notifications Framework 1.0
  • Published OF-Config 1.2

Goals for 2014

  • Release OF-Config 1.3
  • Finalize plan for open source implementation and fund an open source implementation for OVS
  • Develop a test plan for OF-Config
  • Define OAM proposal (path monitoring) using events frame work