Wireless & Mobile

wireless-mobileCHAIR: TBD
VICE CHAIR: Paul Congdon (Tallac Networks)
SECRETARY: Charlie Perkins (Huawei)

The Wireless & Mobile Working Group (WMWG) collects use cases and determines architectural and protocol requirements for extending ONF based technologies to wireless and mobile domains. These domains include wireless backhaul networks, cellular Evolved Packet Core (EPC), and unified access and management across enterprise wireless and fixed networks. 


Finalize Use Cases started during the Discussion Group phaseGoals

Goals for 2014

  • Dig deeper into Architectural and Protocol Requirements w.r.t. enhancing ONF technologies based on the use cases
  • Work with other ONF WGs to realize architecture and protocol changes and support the corresponding running code
  • Help ONF support wireless & mobile technologies from other SDOs (3GPP, IEEE, etc.)