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2021 P4 Workshop

Welcome to the 2021 P4 Workshop! The 2021 P4 Workshop is an exciting and informative virtual event. It is intended to incorporate insights and perspectives from the P4 community from around the world, and will include focused segments on: P4 language P4 targets  P4 use cases SDN use cases P4 target tutorials This event is […]

3rd P4 Workshop in Europe (EuroP4) 2020

How P4 Benefits the Router for Academia, Research, and Education (RARE) Project

Editor Note: In this interview, Frédéric Loui discusses how P4 is being used in the GÉANT RARE Project. Introduction The Router for Academia, Research and Education (RARE) project aims to create a full featured router running on open, commodity networking hardware. RARE is being developed under the auspices of GÉANT, which is Europe’s leading collaboration on […]

Brebner Appointed as P4 Architecture Working Group Co-Chair

I’m delighted to announce that Gordon Brebner (Xilinx) has agreed to lead the P4 Architecture Working Group, joining Andy Fingerhut (Intel) as co-chair. Working group co-chairs are appointed by the P4 Chief Architect and typically serve a 3-year term. Gordon has been a leading figure in the P4 community for many years, and has been […]

P4 TST Elections

Please join me in congratulating the newly elected members of the P4 TST for 2020 – 2021: Andy Fingerhut, Stefan Heule and Robert Soule! All three have been involved with technical work on P4 for several years, and we are delighted that they have agreed to serve the community in a leadership role. They have each been elected to […]

ConQuest: flow-level queue analysis in P4

Editor’s note: This guest post by Xiaoqi Chen (Princeton University) describes a queue analytics data structure implemented using P4. It is based on a paper originally published at ACM CoNEXT’19. Queuing and Microbursts Excessive queueing in network switches leads to higher delay and possibly packet drops. In particular, Microbursts are a phenomenon where the queue suddenly grows in a short period […]

Japan P4 User Conference 2020

Timon Sloane, VP Marketing and Ecosystem for ONF, participated in this event with a presentation, “P4’s Role in Next Generation SDN”. View the video recording.

3rd P4 Workshop in Europe (EuroP4)

A presentation by the P4 Language Consortium and ONF in conjunction with CoNEXT 2020 EuroP4 2020 is the third P4 Language Consortium event in Europe. It aims to bring together P4 and P4->NetFPGA researchers from Europe and from around the world, and to foster the growth of the P4 Community. Program 9:15 – 9:30, GMTWelcome […]

Announcing the P4Runtime v1.2 release

Posted by Antonin Bas on July 13, 2020 We are excited to announce the release of P4Runtime v1.2.0. We have come a long way since the creation of the P4 API Working Group in 2017 and the P4Runtime 1.0.0 release in 2019! Congrats to everyone in the P4 API Working Group for making this possible […]

P4 and After

Editor Note: This post was originally written by Suresh Krishnan for Kaloom’s website. We are re-publishing it here (with permission) as it nicely outlines how Kaloom is using P4 in their security and networking slicing solutions. Introduction For the last few decades, network engineers have had to choose between performance (using purpose-built ASICs) and flexibility […]

“P4 – Enabling the Next Generation of SDN” – Timon Sloane, ONF

p4c-ubpf: a New Back-end for the P4 Compiler

Posted by Tomasz Osiński on June 1, 2020 Introduction As the ecosystem around P4 continues to develop, more and more programmable targets are emerging. The P4 compiler has already support for the next-generation Linux datapath such as eBPF/XDP. However, in certain settings, it is necessary to extend user-space packet processing applications at run time. This […]