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ONF Community Highlights – June 2021

Jul 9, 2021
Ain Indermitte
Ain Indermitte About the author

We want to take a moment to highlight people and contributions that are making a substantial difference across our amazing communities. 

Table of Contents 

Developer Relations & Communities


  • The Aether Runtime Operational Control (ROC) and related GUI Portal have been deployed on 4G production infrastructure. The ROC also supports the Aether 5G Core in a development environment.
  • A persistent Aether on Anthos deployment has been completed and is now running at ONF’s Menlo Park office.
  • A cloud-based Aether on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service has been deployed.


  • SD-RAN RIC Platform from ONF was successfully integrated with Radisys CU/DU for O-RAN’s KPM Service Model as well as the pre-standard RC-PRE SM jointly developed by ONF, Facebook, AirHop, and Radisys. Many thanks to the entire Radisys team including Rajesh Jain, Kapil Tyagi, Raj Niranjan, Manasi Padhy, Mamtha Sri Dogiparthi, and Ranjeet Kumar Patro.
  • Facebook’s KPM xApp was successfully integrated with ONF RIC platform. Many thanks to Omar Abdelkader.
  • Further, Radisys CU/DU also achieved successful integration with ONF’s 5G SD-Core.


  • OMEC/COMAC is now part of SD-Core.
  • Finished the definition of the APIs between the backend and ROC for subscribers.
  • Implementation of the default subscriber values to the backend when adding subscribers to DB, currently the APIs support ADD and DELETE methods, and also support override values.
  • PFCP Session Est Request timeout handling.
  • Fixed SMF UE IP address release as part of the PDU release from AMF.
  • Added CI jobs for simapp and gnbsim.


  • Trellis is now part of SD-Fabric.
  • Improved SD-Fabric stability and performance.
  • Daniele Moro (ONF) did a major refactoring of the UP4 application (APIs and implementation).
  • Wailok Shum (ONF) backported the REDIRECT and DROP policies to fabric.p4.
  • Introduced a new topology - single pair of leaf (ONF):
    • Support for bridging, routing, DHCP relay, and routing via external next hop.
    • Support for dual homed servers and HA scenarios.
  • Wailok Shum (ONF) improved the Policy framework by adding the support for Policy update and by fixing minor bugs.


  • Huge efforts were made in VOLTHA to achieve persistent storage of data on ETCD with improvements across the stack, core, adapters and agent, thanks especially to Ciena and ONF. 
  • Multi-uni support was introduced in VOLTHA and the ONOS applications, providing the capability to provision subscribers on all the UNIs of an ONU, thanks to NETSIA and ONF.
  • ONU software upgrade achieved tenfold time improvement and new download/activate/commit APIs thanks to ADTRAN, Radisys, and ONF. 
  • Testing was extended with 10 TT tests, Performance Measurements, and new ONU software upgrade tests thanks to NETSIA, ADTRAN, and ONF. 
  • VOLTHA moved to use ONOS 2.5, thus getting up to par with TOST and other ONF projects, joining efforts towards bug fixes and enhancements in the same ONOS release, thanks to ONF.


  • The P4 Ecosystem was recently launched which features products, projects, and services that utilize P4. If you are a P4 user and would like to have your solution featured in the P4 Ecosystem, please check out the web page and submit your information. If your solution is already featured and you have updates, please fill in the submission form as well and we will update your info.


  • Max Pudelko (ONF) contributed several fixes and features for Stratum Tofino (stratum_bfrt), including initial QoS capabilities and support of the board support package (BSP) for the Edgecore Wedge100BF platform. The BSP provides better support for optical transceivers, gearboxes, and retimers.
  • Brian O’Connor and Max Pudelko (ONF) released Stratum 21.06, which includes many enhancements and fixes for Tofino: two new SDE revisions, deflect on drop, and initial experimental support for QoS. This is also the first release to include BSP support.


  • ONOS has now the capability to annotate meters and flow objectives allowing for additional information and more complex workflows, thanks to Andrea Campanella (ONF).
  • Daniele Moro (ONF) added the capability to program in one shot the action profile in PI.
  • Miguel Borges de Freitas (Altice Labs) improved the OpenFlowMeterProvider by making the reconciliation configurable.
  • Implemented the capability to parse the last-changed GNMI leaf during the periodic reconciliation and during port operational status changes (ONF).
  • Improved the GeneralDeviceProvider reconciliation (ONF) by preventing the cancellation of the periodic checkup task and by adding the discovery of the device ports.
  • Andrea Campanella (ONF) improved the FOBJ manager by invalidating the pipeliner cache when the driver for a device changes.


  • Held virtual meetings on June 1-4, covering the models of Aggregate, Control, Environmental and physical dimension sensors, Spec pattern, Security, Assignment state, Interface vs logical interface point (LTP), and OIMT model design principles. Details are available at https://wiki.opennetworking.org/display/OIMT/2021+Jun+01-04+%3A+OIMT+Virtual+Face-to-Face.
  • Continued discussion on the Control model with respect to the security and negotiation consideration.


  • Ramon Casellas (CTTC) and Arturo Mayoral (now Facebook) presented to the TIP MUST group about TAPI work and status.  TIP MUST is following TAPI in their work on requirements for SDN for Transport Networks.
  • Nigel Davis (Ciena) and Nokia group members presented to the O-RAN information modeling group on TAPI work and status.  O-RAN is looking into modeling and topology description of RAN networks and also SDN control of RAN fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul transport.

Developer Relations and Communities

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