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NETSIA at Mobile World Congress

Aug 29, 2017
Timon Sloane
Timon Sloane About the author

Open Networking Foundation (ONF) will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in San Francisco on September 12-14. Contributing to our large presence at the show, partners and collaborators, such as Cavium, Inc., Deutsche Telekom, Intel Labs, Lime Microsystems, NETSIA, Radisys and xRAN Consortium plan to showcase their next-generation CORD solutions.

Below, Oguz Oktay, business development manager at NETSIA – an applied research organization specializing in 5G technologies – provides a sneak peek into its interactive MWC demonstration.

What excites you about being part of the CORD ecosystem?

We are excited that CORD projects develop solutions for Service Providers based on their own requirements and strategic roadmaps. Furthermore, CORD projects are open source and developed with the close cooperation of a wide range of highly qualified partners.

What are you showcasing at MWC?

NETSIA is going to demonstrate the radio access network slicing and the core network slicing technologies that have been integrated into the M-CORD platform.

Why should people come see the demo?

The RAN Slicing application that people will be seeing at NETSIA’s demo station is a fundamental building block for many use cases. Some possible use cases are:

  • Assigning the RAN capacity to the MVNOs based on their value to the MNO.
  • Guaranteeing RAN capacity for Public Safety users when there is an incident.
  • Ability to differentiate capacity and access right for different user profiles in an enterprise environment.

After experiencing our demo, people from different service providers will have the opportunity to think through applications for RAN Slicing in their specific markets.

What do you hope people will learn about your company and CORD?

We hope that visitors will realize how NETSIA’s ProgRAN technology complements and helps complete the end-to-end slicing solutions for M-CORD, and how further enhances CORD’s flexible and open environment that enables innovation.

To walk through NETSIA’s hands-on technical demonstration in the ONF booth, visit Hall North Stand N.332 from September 12-14, 2017. Additionally, NETSIA will present ONOS-based Secure SDN solution ProgNET in its booth, located in the South Hall S.2447. ProgNET’s unique cyber self-defense capabilities shall be demonstrated along with flexible routing, real time network discovery and network analytics.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Timon SloaneVP, Marketing & Ecosystem
Timon Sloane is the vice president of marketing and ecosystem of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). He leads the organization’s efforts building an open source ecosystem, thus helping to enable broad transformation of the networking industry through the adoption open source business practices.