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ODTN Phase 1.0 Results and Demo

Sep 11, 2018
Denise Barton
Denise Barton About the author

Today the ODTN (Open Disaggregated Transport Network) project members announce completion of phase 1.0 of the project and proudly showcase a demo of the work which has been done.

Phase 1.0 of ODTN was the first step in the project’s goal to open the optical transport network for choice and innovation by disaggregating the components of the network and by providing open software that can control a multi-vendor assembly of different components. ODTN aims to deliver a number of benefits to the operator metro and core optical networks such as cost reduction, absence of vendor lock-in, flexibility and faster time to deployment of new features and solutions.

ODTNoptical 300x204 jpg

Phase 1.0 put in place an optical controller platform capable of discovering optical transponders, accepting Transport API (TAPI https://github.com ) connectivity requests and programming the Transponders accordingly through OpenConfig API over NETCONF.

ODTN achieved these results through the use of ONOS® (Open Network Operating System), its distributed architecture, set of Yang tools and a flexible southbound driver system that enables ONOS to control different devices and absorb nuances of the different device models.

During phase 1.0 of ODTN it‘s assumed the Optical Line System (OLS) was configured out of band.

In the following drawing you can see the demo topology.

Screen Shot 2018 09 12 at 11 55 47 AM 300x134 png

The phase 1.0 demo was reproduced by the project members with different setups:

  • NTT Telecommunications used both Infinera XT3300 and NEC Transponders.
  • Telefonica used NOKIA PSI-2T transponders

The demo successfully set up a point-to-point connection between two pair of transponders of the same brand controlled by ONOS, while leveraging existing configuration for the OLS.

All the code that was produced in phase 1.0 is already contributed to the ONOS repo or close to be open sourced.

You can see an example of the demo from NTT and Infinera shown at iPOP2018 in this video, while the one from NOKIA and Telefonica is here.

More details and instructions to reproduce the demo in your environment can be found on the ODTN wiki pages here and here.

A special thanks to all the contributors and partners of the ODTN project for achieving this milestone, especially to the demo contributors NTT, Telefonica, Infinera and NOKIA.

The ODTN members and projects are now looking forward to advancing the project even further and achieving new results in phase 1.5, which will see the implementation of OLS control through TAPI.

If you are interested in joining the project and participating in leading forward the change in the optical space you can join us in our weekly call.

Looking forward to working with you all in phase 1.5 and continuing to bring innovation in optical networking.

– Andrea Campanella, ONF’s Technical Lead for ODTN

– Hiroki Okui, Research Engineer, NTT Telecommunications

– Oscar Gonzalez de Dios, Expert in technology and planning, Telefónica

– Arturo Mayoral, SDN Planner External Consultant for Telefónica


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