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Startups. Welcome to ONF.

Jan 30, 2014

ONF has announced a new startup membership category to encourage participation from the full range of SDN organizations.

SDN is a new, game-changing technology, and a great thing about such innovation is the role that startups play. This community is helping lead the change in networking alongside large, established companies, inspiring the development of interoperable, open SDN products. Indeed, until SDN came along, the term “networking startup” had scarcely been heard since the dot-com bubble burst. To help encourage their active involvement in strengthening the SDN ecosystem by building out the OpenFlow® substrate and bringing rapid software innovation to the services and applications above the OpenFlow® substrate, we are excited to announce that ONF has created a new, low-cost membership category specifically for SDN startup organizations

The ONF startup category offers a dramatically reduced membership fee with no difference in membership privileges. To qualify, potential member companies must simply be within two years of incorporation. Six startups are among the first wave to join through this new category, and they demonstrate increased global interest in the development of SDN:

  • Criterion Networks, a startup in India, develops technology practices with service offerings around SDN network architecture and IPv6 network infrastructure transition.
  • Corsa Technology, based in Canada, is a networking hardware company focused on delivering a programmable datapath for SDN, solving forwarding problems that traverse the network from data center to desktop and from cloud to device.
  • GuardiCore , an Israel-based startup, is developing a network security solution, detecting and mitigating cyber-attacks inside corporate data centers.
  • Konodrac, based in Spain, focuses its efforts on acceleration of intelligent and secure data transfer service for social media and machine-to-machine applications.
  • Tallac Networks, a US-based company, offers SDN for the Campus called Software-Defined Mobility, a new approach at enabling Wi-Fi operators to connect mobile users to the network services they demand.
  • Xinguard Inc., located in Taiwan, specializes in the development of SDN solutions to construct scalable and proactive network infrastructures able to cope with changing networks.

I am thrilled to have these fledgling innovators in our midst and look forward to welcoming even more startups in the coming months.

For more information regarding ONF membership, including the new startup category, please visit https://opennetworking.org/membership/membership-application.

- Dan Pitt, Executive Director

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Dan Pitt