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Stratum: Project Update

Aug 27, 2018
Timon Sloane
Timon Sloane About the author

Stratum enables the next generation of SDN programmability and network control by creating a production quality thin switch OS with a consistent set of interfaces across a wide variety of fixed function and programmable hardware. It supports P4Runtime for control, gNMI using OpenConfig models for configuration/monitoring/telemetry, and gNOI services for operations. It provides a unified data plane for the UPAN exemplar platform and enables programmable hardware and a set for APIs for seamless migration.

The Stratum project was launched in March 2018 with 22 member companies and in May, the Stratum seed code from Google was made available to members participating in developer work days. Members are working on making the code ready (build, dev env, documentation) for general development and the project team is working on identifying use cases around control, config, and P4 based VNF offloading.

Stratum Roadmap

Next steps for the Stratum project include:

  • Continued definition of control, config, and P4 use cases
  • Continued delivery of P4Runtime, gNMI, and gNOI services
  • Common platform manager implementation using ONLP
  • Stratum support for various chipsets and white box platforms
  • Development of test framework to enable compliance testing for an end of year plugfest
  • Public launch of Stratum as an open source thin switch OS platform for all major switching chips and white boxes with a set of compelling use cases

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