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Let the AppFest Begin.

Mar 24, 2015
Rick Bauer
Rick Bauer About the author

Rick Bauer promotes ONF’s first AppFest and the future of open SDN applications. 

The countdown is on to ONF’s first AppFest! Nearly two months from now, ONF will host the organization’s first AppFest, an event designed to encourage the future development and testing of open SDN applications. ONF AppFest 2015 will be a week-long event on May 18– 22, 2015, in our very own backyard at the Ericsson offices in San Jose, Calif.

While SDN has created a lot of excitement in the networking industry, it is really the apps that are leading the charge and having an immediate impact. Applications enable IT to manage networks more effectively, reduce OpEx and CapEx, improve user experience and enhance business value. While the consumerization of app development kicked into high gear with the introduction of mobile device app stores, enterprise software has lagged behind. SDN can change that.

Looking ahead, ONF AppFests will be held annually and will be open to both member and non-member companies. Attendees will include vendors and network operators who are interested in the development of open SDN applications as well as testing their OpenFlow-based infrastructure components. This year, attendees will also receive early exposure to products supporting OpenFlow® v1.3.

The ONF Testing and Interoperability Group is hard at work spearheading this new industry event, which will also be supported by ONF’s Software Leadership Council. The Testing and Interoperability Group’s goals are to increase interoperability, drive certification, and benchmark the performance of open SDN infrastructure, all of which will be a major focus at ONF AppFest 2015.

ONF AppFest 2015 is allowing us to accommodate the industry’s changes while encouraging those within to collaborate and develop open SDN applications for the betterment of the industry. During AppFest 2015 we will witness vendors and developers joining forces to uncover issues, fine-tune implementations, gain confidence, and improve performances. Attendees will also have a chance to become familiar with open source projects sponsored by ONF and OpenSourceSDN.org.

ONF member companies and non-members alike are invited to attend ONF AppFest 2015 on May 18 – 22 to build knowledge, add value, and gain experience with open source implementations, applications, and OpenFlow® SDN controllers and switches.

Want to be a part of ONF AppFest 2015? Join us by registering here and assist in furthering the development of open SDN applications.

-Rick Bauer, Technical Program Manager


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Rick Bauer