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Not just China. Global SDN.

Sep 10, 2013

Dan Pitt recaps the Global Open Networking & SDN Conference and the ONF announcements made at the event.

Two weeks ago I, along with several Open Networking Foundation (ONF) representatives, attended the Global Open Networking & SDN Conference in Beijing. I was very pleased with the organization of the conference and especially impressed by the stature of the presenters. I participated in engaging conversations about SDN and the OpenFlow® protocol, and these discussions are continuing even a week after the conference ended. What an exciting time for the global networking industry!

I also met with many Chinese companies while I was in China for the conference, and the vitality of the Chinese SDN market (both producers and consumers) surprised me in a positive way. Many companies are developing OpenFlow® products, which is the best sign for market development, and it gives me great hope for the future of our movement.

ONF made a couple of announcements during this event as well. We announced that ONF member company Beijing Internet Institute (BII) is our first international certified testing lab in Asia. We also signed an agreement with China SDN & Open Networking Commission (CSONC) to increase deployment and commercialization of SDN and the OpenFlow® protocol.

CSONC is a networking commission in China dedicated to the development of SDN technologies with the support of several dozen member organizations, from government, industry, and academia. ONF’s own Research Associate Jun Bi, professor at Tsinghua University, chairs the CSONC. Our strategic partnership with CSONC will provide additional resources to members to stay up-to-date on the latest developments of SDN, including conferences, technical investigations, and educational training.

On behalf of ONF, I would like to thank BII, CSONC, and the organizers of the Global Open Networking & SDN Conference for their collective efforts as gracious hosts, as well as the successful production of the conference. With these worldwide relationships, partnerships, conversations, and events, we are making great strides in accelerating the global adoption of open SDN.

- Dan Pitt, Executive Director

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Dan Pitt